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General information
Gene lists
Browse gene lists of selected genomes.
COG functional categories
Select genes of specific COG functional categories across genomes.
Genome plots
Generate circular and linear plots.
(Clickable) linear whole genome views
Display a clickable linear view of all genes of a genomic element coloured according to the COG functional classification.
Genome lists
Generate genome lists of selected genomes.
Horizontal gene transfer (predicted by Sigi-HMM)
Get information on genes of a genome acquired by horizontal gene transfer.
Sequence retrieval
Retrieve genomic sequences or intergenic regions of selected genomic elements.
Advanced search
Search for organisms, genes, COGs and external database information (short output with gene name, locus tag, description, location, strand information. Comprehensive output with additional information on best-bidirectional protein hits in all JGB genomes and UniProt and TrEMBL hits).
Sequence similarity search
Identify sequence similarities between any sequence stretches and all JGB genomes.
Genome comparison
Best bidirectional hits (protein-based analysis)
Generate a list of best bidirectional hits between the proteins of two genomes.
Gene core sets (protein-based analysis)
List all related genes of two or more genomes, genomic elements or user defined lists.
Protein variations (protein-based analysis)
List and analyse all best bidirectional protein hits.
Synteny analysis (protein-based analysis)
Analyse syntenies between different genomes based on the best bidirectional protein hits.
Codon and amino acid usages (DNA- and protein-based analysis)
Show or compare the codon and amino acid usages of one or more genomes or genomic elements.
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